The Heartfulness Movement

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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.They must be felt with the heart” – Helen Keller

Heartfulness Meditation is a simple and practical way to experience the heart’s unlimited resources. As one learns to meditate deeply letting go of all mental complexities and tuning
into the heart a sense of inner balance and calmness begins to prevail.

The Meditation Experience

In a world full of chaos, stress and anxiety, we all need a moment of peace…a moment when we let go all worries, a moment that charges us to take our life challenges, a moment when we plunge within ourselves and come out refreshed, a moment of simplicity, a moment of happiness….the source of real happiness lies within each of us in our hearts. We just need to learn to connect with it. We use the mind continually to efficiently navigate our daily lives, whose outcomes may be success and enjoyment, but can also include stress and anxiety. Connecting with heart means delving into a silent source of openness and peace. This can be done through relaxation and meditation. Meditation is a mirror of our consciousness. It gives you an opportunity to look deeper into yourself.

“What is a meditative state? You have centered yourself towards your heart. You are more perceptive as you are trying to understand things with your heart. When you look at things, your attention is in the heart, your eyes are there. You are always trying to weigh things with your heart, you are not analysing from the mind. Your inner radar opens up. And this habit has to be cultivated” Kamlesh D. Patel

Heartfulness Experience

“Regulating the mind…taking it from thinking to feeling is the role of the heart! When we manage to listen to the feelings and capture the inspirations that comes from within we can master our life!! The whole exercise of fine-tuning the heart with the mind is through the meditation on the heart…the Heartfulness meditation”. Kamlesh D. Patel

Heartfulness meditation is a form of Raja Yoga, a simple and practical way provided by The Heartfulness Institute to experience the heart’s unlimited resources, using relaxation and meditation to connect to your inner being. It teaches us how to connect to our heart. As one learns how to meditate deeply letting go of all mental complexities and tuning into the heart a sense of inner balance and calmness begins to prevail. This simple yet effective system has been prevalent for more than 100 years. Today it is followed by more than one million people across 120 countries. 1000s of meditation retreat and research facilities serve as centers for individuals from all walks of life…diverse nationalities, different religious background, various social and economic circumstances come together transcending boundaries in an atmosphere of love, trust and brotherhood. Heartfulness Institute is a non-profit organisation that brings Heartfulness relaxation and meditation to individuals, corporations, universities, schools and communities. Volunteers and trainers around the globe allow the services of the Institute to individuals totally free of charge.