Let’s meditate, Sydney.

Session 2: Meditate for total wellbeing

Saturday 29th Oct
4:30pm to 6:45pm

David Todd
Experience Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation
Dr. Elizabeth Denley
Meditate for total wellbeing
A talk by Dr. Jone Hawea & Clara Smith
Musical Interlude
Jim Denley & Lucas Hakewill
Heartfulness Connect
An interactive session

7:00pm to 8:30pm Australian premiere of movie ‘A Quest for Meaning’

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Dr.Jone Hawea

Dr. Jone Hawea, Renowned Medical Surgeon and Heartfulness Trainer, featured on TEDex.

Clara Smith

Clara Smith, Australian Junior Race Walking Champion and Heartfulness Practitioner

Meditate for total wellbeing

Meditate for total wellbeing

Most of us have to deal with stress. We face the world of constant competition, result oriented work culture and accelerating change. Our need to avoid pain and suffering leaves us stressed out. The complex cultural context of present-day living makes for stress at home almost as much as at the workplace. Dealing with this stress and sustaining high levels of performance at home and work overwhelm us and we often experience burn-out.
Heartfulness meditation helps from the very day we start. It fosters the journey back to the inner core of our beings. We start experiencing the serene waves of relaxation of the body heart and mind. Our inner-selves find that much needed attention. As we move away from the outer stress towards our hearts we begin to appreciate the simple inner experience. Progressively we develop the need to repeat this meditation practice daily and it becomes a habit that provides that much needed tranquillity in our lives.
Creativity and health are enhanced. Our increasingly refined consciousness now allows for clarity of thought. We become skilled at finding that all important space between response and stimulus and we begin to re-master ourselves one step at a time. We can now aspire towards excellence in almost all field of life due to this one powerful skill. Thus by practicing meditation regularly we find that we suffer less and consequently also experience less and less of stress…a total wellbeing!!