Let’s meditate, Sydney.

Session 4: Joy of Simple Living

Sunday 30th Oct
4:30pm to 6:45pm
David Todd
Experience Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation
Danielle Smith
Cultivate the Heart to experience the joy of Simple Living
A talk by Dr. Meng Ng & David Todd

Musical Interlude
Heartfulness Connect
An interactive session
7:00pm to 8:30pm Australian premiere of movie ‘A Quest for Meaning’

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Dr.Meng Ng

Dr. Meng Ng, Researcher, educator, manager of mental health programs and Heartfulness Trainer..

David Todd

David Todd is a long time practitioner and trainer of Heartfulness meditation

Cultivate the Heart to experience the joy of Simple Living

Joy of Simple Living

“Really speaking, our minimum duty is to leave the world at least as we found it when we came into it, not spoil it and destroy it. We should really try to leave the world a better place than we found it. Right living becomes very important. We must tune our lives in such a way that everything that comes in contact with us is improved. Everything we touch must get divinised”. Chariji

Simplicity is the very essence of Nature. It is the reflection of that which existed in the Absolute in a latent state. It promotes growth. It can be aptly described as the quintessence of the Ultimate. This is in fact the life-substance of Nature. Activity starts from this point, which is verily the very Origin. It needs no money to be simple…even the poorest can be simple! By simple living we mean be courageous, be loving, be peaceful and less inviting to desires. That is the Heartfulness way of life and can be cultivated with daily practice of meditation.