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John Smith

Be inspired by main-stage talks given by a medley of speakers: an eminent writer and educator; a young Australian athlete; a Medical surgeon; and some of our Heartfulness trainers. They’ll offer practical, real life experiences to highlight the benefits of meditation and show how you can relax and do Heartfulness meditation.

Forget yourself in soulful music

“God the Creator is the Supreme Musician and God the creation is the supreme music.” Anonymous

Listen to soulful music that can uplift your consciousness to the highest and take you into a whole new world of realisation, where you can experience your inner existence being flooded with peace and tranquillity. Be ready to be taken to a state of universal consciousness to be in tune with the highest, farthest and the deepest…and increase the power of meditation!!

John Smith

Spotlight Sessions

Science discovers the benefits of meditation


Research has shown that the heart’s afferent neurological signals directly affect activity in the amygdala, the key brain center that coordinates behavioral, immunological and neuroendocrine responses to environmental threats. It also serves as the processing center for emotional memory within the brain. Since this emotional processing unit has more information going towards intellectual centers than vice versa, it can easily override the intellect and our sense of control via intellect. And since heart can affect amygdale, it is fruitful in regulating our emotions and behaviour.
Our nervous system resists change – whether it is a change in behaviour, or circumstances, or anything. It feels good in familiar situations. So for mind used to violent circumstances will not feel comfortable if everything goes smooth. Science has now found that meditating on heart overcomes this thing. It helps in regulating our emotional centers and thus establish a new base line for familiarity of circumstances. It can change the wiring among neurons. And thus our emotional patterns are changed towards coherent ones. It not only changes our behaviour but gives more adaptability also because of increased understanding via increased emotional intelligence

Meditate for total wellbeing

Most of us have to deal with stress. We face the world of constant competition, result oriented work culture and accelerating change. Our need to avoid pain and suffering leaves us stressed out. The complex cultural context of present-day living makes for stress at home almost as much as at the workplace. Dealing with this stress and sustaining high levels of performance at home and work overwhelm us and we often experience burn-out.
Heartfulness meditation helps from the very day we start. It fosters the journey back to the inner core of our beings. We start experiencing the serene waves of relaxation of the body heart and mind. Our inner-selves find that much needed attention. As we move away from the outer stress towards our hearts we begin to appreciate the simple inner experience. Progressively we develop the need to repeat this meditation practice daily and it becomes a habit that provides that much needed tranquillity in our lives.
Creativity and health are enhanced. Our increasingly refined consciousness now allows for clarity of thought. We become skilled at finding that all important space between response and stimulus and we begin to re-master ourselves one step at a time. We can now aspire towards excellence in almost all field of life due to this one powerful skill. Thus by practicing meditation regularly we find that we suffer less and consequently also experience less and less of stress…a total wellbeing!!

Meditate for total well being

Inner Journey – An opportunity for evolution

Inner Journey an oppurtunity to evolution

“Happiness is not anywhere outside. It is in our fixing the attention, in the steadiness of disposition, and in the withdrawal of our mind. Those who know this secret need not search for happiness outside” Lalaji

It starts with a simple suggestion that everything we need is already present within us. All the love of the world, the beauty of life, the seed of perfection is present in our heart represented as a source of light. This suggestion is strengthened through actual experience in meditation, as the idea of light leads to a feeling of an inner presence. This inner presence becomes a reality as our consciousness expands, and we become aware of a wholeness of being. When we begin to experience this state of wholeness and perfection at our core, the clouds of discontent and ignorance start to dissolve. The heart regains its light and innocent nature.

Cultivate the heart to experience the joy of simple living

“Really speaking, our minimum duty is to leave the world at least as we found it when we came into it, not spoil it and destroy it. We should really try to leave the world a better place than we found it. Right living becomes very important. We must tune our lives in such a way that everything that comes in contact with us is improved. Everything we touch must get divinised”. Chariji

Simplicity is the very essence of Nature. It is the reflection of that which existed in the Absolute in a latent state. It promotes growth. It can be aptly described as the quintessence of the Ultimate. This is in fact the life-substance of Nature. Activity starts from this point, which is verily the very Origin. It needs no money to be simple…even the poorest can be simple! By simple living we mean be courageous, be loving, be peaceful and less inviting to desires. That is the Heartfulness way of life and can be cultivated with daily practice of mediation.

Simple Living